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Do you enjoy spending money as much as making it? Are you planning to be your own boss someday? Maybe you’re thinking how great it would be to have your own music, clothing, or snowboard shop. If you’ve got the spirit of an entrepreneur, Business & Financial Services will show you how to create, build, and manage your business. You’ll get hands-on training in the school’s store, Campus Connection, run by the students in the program. Get a head start on your college business major or gain valuable experience as you enter the workforce.

Program Highlights:
• Earn up to nine college credits.
• Get two years of experience running the school store, where you’ll handle sales,
inventory, merchandising, advertising, and cash planning.
• Learn how to create a business plan — the smart start for any successful venture.
• Design your own advertising campaign.
• Gain leadership and management skills.
• Receive training on the most current business software in the industry.
• Learn how to purchase and manage inventory.
• Maintain the finances of the Campus Connection.
• Earn one Math, one English, and one elective credit.

Post-Secondary Opportunities:
• Graduates of the Business & Financial Services program at RVTC are eligible to receive up to 9 college credits from Community College of Vermont and Vermont Technical College
• Pursue an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in one of the following areas:

- Business Management
- Accounting
- E-commerce
- Marketing
- Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
- Business Administration
- Finance
- General Business
- Sport Management
- Communications & Advertising
- Business Education
- International Business
- Human Resource Management
- Business Technology

Job Opportunities in the Business Field:
• Banking
• Retail
• Sports & Entertainment Marketing
• Fashion Marketing
• E-Commerce
• Real Estate Sales
• Accountant or Bookkeeper
• Investor
• Small Business Owner
• Advertising & Promotion
• Insurance

  • Membership:
    As a part of the Business & Financial Services program you are eligible to join DECA, a youth leadership organization that provides:
    • Leadership training
    • Student competitions at the State, Regional and International Level
    • Scholarship opportunities
    • Travel Opportunities

Industry Recognized Credentials (IRC) demonstrate your skills in Business & Financial Services.
You can earn an IRC in Customer Service and Sales from the National Retail Federation To qualify, you must:

1. You take the Business & Financial Services program
2. You take a test given by an outside company
3. You pass the test & earn a certification
4. You have the ability to make more money in the field


YEAR ONE: Business & Financial Services I
Credit: 3-4 elective credits
Eligibility: Students in grades 11 and 12; grade 10, with permission
Prerequisites: Keyboarding skills
Schedule: Full year; 2 hours per day

In your first year of Business & Financial Services, you'll learn about the financial side of running a business.  You will learn how to maintain the financial records for a business using an on-line accounting program as well as learning Quickbooks financial software.  As a first year student you will also work in the Campus Connection school store.

YEAR TWO: Business & Financial Services II
Credit: 1 embedded English, 1 embedded math, and 1-2 elective credits
Eligibility: Students in grades 11 and 12
Prerequisites: Grade of 70 or better in Business & Financial Services I, or written permission from the instructor
Schedule: Full year; 2 hours per day

In Business & Financial Services II you’ll study entrepreneurship and small business management. Your studies will focus on business law, marketing, customer service, human resources, business ethics, and financial management.  All students will create a business plan for a business of their choosing and actually start that business as part of this class!  Second year students also take over as the buyers and managers of the Campus Connection school store.

"Business & Financial Services and DECA have not only taught me the basic skills required for business, but skills that will help me in any career path. DECA, especially, has given me the confidence in my abilities to present myself to any audience."

"Business & Financial Services taught me how to be a successful leader and business owner. It has taught me patience and persistence whenworking with others, that in working together we can create amazing things."

"My Business & Financial Services class has taught me how to properly run and operate a business. It will help me in my future plans of possibly running and operating our family farm."