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Dining is a leisurely experience, but the process of preparing the meal is fast-paced.
Culinary Arts is a highly creative area of study that can take you in many directions.
This program offers studies in Culinary Arts for students interested in preparing for careers in the food service industry.
The chef instructor of this program teach in the specially equipped commercial kitchen. The class operates like an actual food service facility. Students are taught to care for and operate kitchen equipment, while learning to prepare and serve food as they rotate through the commercial kitchen, bake shop and student run River Valley Café.
Our facility is designed to simulate the typical foodservice workplace. A large part of our training is developing good employability skills; these skills include attendance, communication, and organization, and task completion, problem solving, and interacting with others. These skills are just as important as your practical skills to be successful in the program.
After graduation, you can continue your education or head to work in an industry that is starving for culinary talent.

YEAR ONE: Culinary Arts I
Credit: varies; see your Guidance Counselor
Eligibility: Students in grades 11 and 12 (grade 10, with permission)
Prerequisites: None
Schedule: Full year; 2 hours per day

Level One students learn the basics safety, sanitation, knife skills, reading and following recipes as the rotate through the kitchen and bakeshop.

YEAR TWO: Culinary Arts II
Credit: varies; see your Guidance Counselor
Eligibility: Students in grades 11 and 12
Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in Culinary Arts I
Schedule: Full year; 2 hours per day

Level Two students who are serious and motivated to continue their knowledge and skills
will train in the kitchen, bakeshop and the cafe. They will have the opportunity to gain a national credential "ServSafe" through the National Restaurant Association.

Program Highlights:

• Hands-on training with the latest techniques and equipment.
• Develop practical skills in the commercial kitchen, bake shop,and River Valley Cafe.
• Gain leadership skills through the local Skills USA Chapter.
• Take part in state competitions.
• Gain cooperative work experience.

Career Opportunities:
• Chef
• Baker
• Restaurant owner or manager
• Food stylist
• Food photographer
• Kitchen designer
• Personal chef
• Nutrition and dietary specialist
• Caterer
• Food and kitchen equipment sales representative

Culinary Arts Duel Enrollment Eligibility: Qualified seniors only
Prerequisites: Grade of 80 or better in Culinary Art II a desire to continue your culinary studies beyond high school, RVTC has collaborated with the prestigious New England Culinary Institute (NECI) for a course designed for students who plan to pursue culinary arts beyond high school. The course was developed to meet NECI’s rigorous technical and general education standards.  The hours go beyond the scheduled school day, and  classes are held during school vacations.


“You can follow your interests and develop new skills to use in life.”

“RVTC is fun and has a good learning environment. It’s a great way to find a career.”