Name Position Phone
Scott Farr Director/Superintendent 885-8301
Derek Williams Int. Assistant Director 885-8302
Christopher Irish IT Support 885-8307
Coralee Choiniere Registrar 885-8305
Courtney Lihatsh Human Services 885-8332
Dave Culver Co-op Coordinator 885-8314
Dave Groenewold Culinary Arts 885-8334
Donna Vargas Culinary Arts 885-8328
Erin Hunter Carpentry 885-8330
Gabe Vastola Pre-Technical Studies 885-8323
Gretchen Austin-Ward Assistant to the Asst. Dir 885-8354
Jan Wright Skills Lab 885-8338
John Harmer Horticulture, Natural Resources 885-8329
Kelly Broker-Campbell Adult Services/ Middle School Outreach 885-8393
Matt Bickford Mechanical Design & Innovation 885-8321
Mitch Sidd Industrial Trades 885-8320
Shamus Martin Audio - Video Production 885-8316
Stephen Karaffa Criminal Justice 885-8327
Susan Dana Business and Financial Services 885-8337
Suzanne Groenewold Marketing
Wendy Reeves Health Careers 885-8319
Zachary McNaughton Audio - Video Production 885-8326
Kristen Wilson Information Technology Instructor 802-885-8318
Nicole Rohrer Guidance Counselor
Tina Bixby Administrative Assistant to the Director 885-8303