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If you like to work with people, you'll love Human Services. We have a creative, fun and educational program that prepares students for work in child care, elder care, and social services careers. Employability skills are an important part of our program and are practiced throughout the two year program. This broad field encompasses services for early childhood, special populations, gerontology, geriatric, and school age individuals, as well as health occupations.

You’ll work closely with our lab, World of Discovery III, an licensed, privately run childcare facility. You can take a “baby” home with you. This may sound like fun and games, but we weave life lessons into your curriculum. You’ll see what it takes to be a teacher or counselor through observation and supervised, hands-on work.

Career Opportunities:
After graduation, you can go directly into the workforce as an educational assistant, early childhood education teacher/caregiver, home childcare provider, nanny, or home healthcare provider.

With further education, your employment choices are even broader:
• Child Psychologist
• Social Worker
• Child Care Center Director
• Elementary Teacher
• Recreational Therapist

Program Highlights:
• Earn up to 12 credits through the Community College of Vermont.
• Receive infant, child, and adult CPR and First Aid certification.
• Develop interpersonal, guidance, discipline, and child care, skills.


YEAR ONE: Human Services I
Credit: 3-4 elective credits
Eligibility: Students in grades 10-12 
Prerequisites: None
Schedule: Full year; 2 hours per day

You’ll spend your first year developing the basic skills and knowledge to enter the human services system. Classroom work will introduce you to career opportunities, communications skills, ethics and legal issues, CPR and first aid, human development and nutrition. In addition to classroom work, you’ll spend time in supervised clinical settings in schools, nursing homes, and other community service agencies. You can join SkillsUSA, a student leadership organization. With this, you’ll take part in activities that promote individual growth, professional development, and leadership.

YEAR TWO: Human Services II>
Credit: 1 embedded social studies and 2-3 elective credits 
Eligibility: Students in grades 11 and 12 
Prerequisites: Grade of 70 or better in Human Services I or written permission from the instructor
Schedule: Full year; 2 hours per day

You’ll focus your studies in one or more of the following service areas: infant and toddler, preschool, or school age. The second year provides and introduction to early childhood education and communication in the early childhood workplace. You’ll learn to observe children, understand child development, and guide children through various learning experiences. As a Human Services II student, you’ll spend extensive time in clinical situations working with professionals in your area of concentration. Co-op and apprenticeships are available to you in your second year here as well.


"Being in a Tech Center program offers you a certification at the end of the course. It also offers job shadowing where you can earn extra credits."