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Hand On Computer Systems

problem solving

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Workplace Skills

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Hands ON Computers

design & build

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Information Technology


Web Site Development


Game Development

Design and Build Computers

Network Security

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After Effects

"see your music"

Information Technology at RVTC opens many doors for possible career paths or areas for further study. The recommended path in IT is Technology Essentials to be followed by Hands On Computer Systems. However, either program can be take as a single year offering. If you love working on or with computers, this is the program for you!

Earn college credit in high school.
Gain industry recognized credentials:  

  • CompTIA A+
  • Adobe Certified Associate

Prepare for a broad range of career opportunities in Information Technology.

Website Development
Intro to Game Development


"Technology Essentials is a class centered around a variety of computer programs. We work in Photoshop, a program where we can make and change graphic designs and digital photography. We work in animation and programming as well. There is also website design, using Dreamweaver and HTML5. We work in Flash and coding, both are very beneficial to a career you may pursue afterwards. Adobe certifications are available as well as college credit. So not only is this class very engaging and creative, but it offers many opportunities that will aid in a career after high school." - Brooke Goodwin

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Computer Build & Repair
Printer Repair
Wireless Setup 

             “Hands-On is an exciting look into the inner workings of the technology we use every day. It’s a chance to learn how to manage, repair, and even build computers from their separate components. We learn how to fix printers and manage networks, skills needed for businesses everywhere. Not only can students take their CompTIA A+ certification exam, opening countless job opportunities, but we can also come to understand the technology seen everywhere in modern life.” - Bryn Hemmings